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Managed IT Solutions in Quezon City, Philippines

For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

AYC IT Solutions:

  • Supplier of CCTV Equipment
  • CCTV Installer
  • Complete IT Support for your Business
  • Ideal for Small and Mid-sized Business


Cheapest High Definition CCTV Cameras With Automatic IR Night Mode setting

High Performance fullHD 1080p CCTV With online Mobile Viewing Features

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DTI Registered With BIR Official Receipt

2pc package - Php 9,900 only

4pc package - Php 15,100 only

6pc package - Php 20,100 only

8pc package - Php 25,100 only


2.0 Megapixel CCTV 1080P SONY Chipset

Day/Night Vision, Motion Sensor

1Terabyte HardDrive

1080p TriBrid DVR

Mobile Remote Viewing on iPhone / Android

25meters CCTV Cable per cam

1 YearWarranty

ONLY monitor is NOT included

Web Development, Email and Web Hosting

We will host your website and set up your email, make sure you back up what you need to and we will help you with any problems you may have.

Digital Advertising

We can set up your Search Engine Optimization and PPC Campaign. Position your website in first page of Google Search Network

Computer Networking

We can set up your office and get everything connected. We can build out a local network or get everyone on the cloud. We set up virus protection, wifi, tuck away the wires, and can even order your workstations for new hires and set them up so you don't have to.

CCTV, PABX and LAN Cabling

Do you have unsightly wiring all over the place? We can get it all neat, tidy, and labeled so that you know what is what, but more importantly, we do!

Data Recovery and Storage

This is more and more important as technolgy gets implemented into your business. We make sure you keep what you need to keep, and if you should have an emergency, 95% of the time we can retrieve what was lost.