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Free Website

In the Philippines, a very safe estimation of a decent and solid website for small to midsize businesses would start at around $600 or Php30,000 including one year domain name registration and web hosting.

The website cost will always depend on

  • domain name – the type of extension and the length of registration – usually $11/yr
  • web hosting – what type of hosting you will need – usually $80 – $180 / yr
  • developer’s fee – how much your developer is charging – $5/hr – $100/hr or more depending on your developer’s skill set, experience and geographical location.
  • miscellaneous fees – any other costs depending on what your project attempts to accomplish. This can range from free to costs more than anything else in the project. For the moment, let’s say this is free.


Secure a good website by paying only for Domain and Hosting services for 5,000 Pesos Only!